Secret Service signs $34,000 contract to park its cars in New York City to protect Trump

It can be expensive to park in the Big Apple; if you’re the President of The United States that is an understatement. The Secret Service is planning ahead for future presidential visits to the city. Although President Trump has only visited the city once since he’s taken office, the Secret Service is devising a plan for upcoming […]

Irma impacting New Orleans parking garages

Hurricanes typically bring mass evacuations. Shelters are set up for those to take refuge but some decide to travel and remove themselves from the chaos. During Hurricane Katrina, lots of New Orleans residents decided to wait the storm out in Florida. Now they find themselves repaying the favor. Many Floridians took the drive to New […]

Parking is disappearing in Minneapolis

We can see the same trend in major cities across the country, less parking and higher rates. Minneapolis is no exception. City officials have been holding back on parking construction but they have been investing in new bicycle lanes and reducing parking requirements for new apartment buildings. Over the past few years 2,400 parking spots […]