Downtown Disney parking rates going up next week

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Next week, Downtown Disney’s parking lot will make some updates to its parking policy. The new policy will start next Wednesday. Visitors will receive two hours of free parking with a $20.00 purchase made at Downtown Disney. This will include quick service restaurants and kiosks. Visitors can also enjoy up to four hours of free parking with any purchase from Downtown Disney table-service restaurant or the AMC theaters.

If you’re just dropping someone off, there is a 15-minute grace period. After the first 15 minutes visitors will be charged $6.00 for every 30-minute incremental period, or $12.00 per hour. The new maximum rate will be $48.00 per day. The free parking offer only applies to Downtown Disney dining, not for restaurants at the Disneyland Hotel.

Disney isn’t the only theme park to raise their parking rates. Universal Studios and SeaWorld have also followed suit. We can see the increase in theme park parking rates all over the country. It doesn’t just stop at theme parks, Las Vegas has seen their fair share of parking rate increases at “on the strip” casino locations over the past year. MGM’s top-tier properties parking rates have increased from $18.00 to $25.00 a day, a 39% increase.

Parking rate increases aren’t limited to only privately-owned establishments. Municipalities are also increasing rates exponentially. The City of Savanah recently approved a plan to double parking rates downtown. They also eliminated free parking on Saturdays. It’s all part of an effort to free up more high-demand parking downtown. We can see much of the same in major cities all over the country. As the demand for parking goes up so does the price.

So, it’s no wonder Disney has updated their parking policies. Nationwide, we see locations all over trying to keep up with the high demand for premium parking. Whatever your opinion on the matter, one thing is certain…It’s a great time to be in the parking industry.

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