Lenox in Paulus Hook Has Jersey City’s First Automated Parking Garage

“The future is now in Jersey City. Lenox, the 255-unit luxury rental development at 207 Van Vorst Street, in Paulus Hook, has the city’s first automated parking garage.” The system used is designed by a New York based company, AutoMotion Parking Systems. Once the driver leaves the car, technology takes care of the rest. An automated parking garage is a mechanical system designed to minimize the area and volume required for parking cars.

The process is simple, the driver parks the car in an elevator like room. They then swipe their key fob, input credentials and that’s it for the driver. After the vehicle is scanned, the pallet tray that holds it is transferred into the car vault and stored. When the driver returns, they swipe their key fob at the kiosk and the vehicle is returned in under two and a half minutes.”

“AutoMotion Parking Systems is the only reliable automated provider in the country to offer fully unattended parking, without the need for valets or personnel on-site.”  “The system is dependable, functional and practical. We have had facilities in New York City since 2006 that have parked over one million cars, and we are excited to be entering the Jersey City market at Lenox. Our firm also maintains a 24/7 response team so that if any issues arise, they can be dealt with and answered at any time,” Perry M. Finkelman, CEO of AutoMotion, said.

This parking garage is the first of its kind in Jersey City. The Lenox already boasts numerous amenities, now the residents can cross the annoyance of parking off their to-do lists. So far, the residents have been very receptive to the automated parking garage. It is a great selling point for the building which represents the very best of luxury living in Paulus Hook.

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