London mayor wants to ban new parking construction

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Across the parking industry we see cities implementing new measures to discourage driving and devote available land to other uses. “London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants less car parking, and a lot more bike parking, as part of his proposed transportation overhaul.” Yesterday, Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a new plan for London’s reduction of reliance on cars. Part of this plan includes banning the construction of new parking spaces in large parts of the city.

In the draft of his plan, Khan calls for banning the creation of new parking for residential construction and stopping new offices from adding commuter or visitor parking. This plan will still allow parking spots for disabled drivers and will also increase bike parking. “To secure the future health and prosperity of our city, we need to be bolder in encouraging people to reduce their reliance on cars” Khan said. He also added “It’s essential for dealing with congestion as London’s population grows, and crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution emissions.”

This new plan stems from good intentions, Khan aims to increase trips by foot, bike and transit from 64% to 80% over the next 25 years. Air pollution is a very important cause for him, it is estimated that 9.500 premature death each year in London are the result of air pollution. While the mayor’s intentions are admirable, there are many critics of his new plan.

“The new proposal will have serious implications for the mobility of many, especially the elderly, and lead to traffic chaos, as drivers seek on-street parking in nearby streets.”  There is a growing idea that we can have cities without cars and that is just a “pipe dream”. People will always need cars. It’s just the way it is. There is also the matter of safety, as transit attacks and street stabbings increase people don’t feel safe. London’s crime rate has risen the most it has in decades and people just don’t feel as safe walking or taking public transit anymore. Just last week there was an incident at the Oxford Street station. It will be a difficult task to get people excited over this plan.

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