Building Employee Loyalty in A Tight Job Market

The latest Gallup report on the American Workplace details how more than half of employees (51%) are searching for new jobs or keeping an eye out for employment openings. I’ve personally always been a strong believer that for sustaining success, building loyalty with employees is the most important part of our business plans. The reason […]

What Amazon Will Do to the Labor Market in 2019

This article actually echos a statement made a few weeks ago. Full employment may be great for the country, but difficult on employers.  As employers be prepared in 2019 for stiff competition to hire quality people. The pickings will get even slimmer. Employers will consider opening foreign offices. Companies will invest more in technology. Amazon could force […]

4 Best Investments For 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, and mixed signals coming from economic indicators, it is a good time to plan for investing towards 2019 strategies. Most importantly, since many people are evaluating where to spend their time, and money, towards investment opportunities it makes sense to prioritize your investing options. I’ll provide my Top 4 […]