Portland launches new app to help drivers pay for parking

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Parking can be a hassle; parking meters can be an even bigger one. No one likes playing guessing games when it comes to how much time you need. You don’t want to run out of time and need to run back out to the meter. You also don’t want to waste money on time you didn’t need. Thanks to modern technology a simple app could be the answer to these dilemmas.

Thursday Portland released a new app, Parking Kitty, to aid drivers in paying for parking. “No more waiting in line at a meter, no more going back to your car to stick that receipt in the window,” said Dylan Rivera with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Now drivers can pay for parking right from their smartphones. If and most likely when you need to add more time you simply do it right from the app eliminating the need for running back and forth to your car. You can add as much time as allowed by the posted signs.

So far, the app has received positive reviews. “If I’m running late and I don’t have to do that awkward ‘I got to jump up and put more money in the parking meter,’ makes a whole lot of sense to me so I’d welcome it,” said driver Greg Remensperger.

The app even has cute features that coincide with the name. When you extend time, you’ll hear a purr and when you’re running low on time you’ll hear a meow. The city pays for the app with a nominal ten cent transaction fee. Parking enforcement will check plates to see if you paid through the app so don’t get any bright ideas. If you’re old-school you can still use the old-fashioned meters.  This new app can be used anywhere in Portland, even at Portland University garages and Washington Park.   Click here to read more.