Secret Service signs $34,000 contract to park its cars in New York City to protect Trump

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It can be expensive to park in the Big Apple; if you’re the President of The United States that is an understatement. The Secret Service is planning ahead for future presidential visits to the city. Although President Trump has only visited the city once since he’s taken office, the Secret Service is devising a plan for upcoming visits. The agency is tasked with protecting the president at home and abroad, New York City is no exception.  

The Secret Service has signed a contract commencing the start of September. This arrangement secures parking for the agency’s protective vehicles. If you’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing The Presidential Motorcade, you know there are an awful lot of vehicles to have to park. The initial cost for the first year, from September 2017 to the end of August 2018, is $33,600. The contract also has provisions for an extension for up to three years. If the extension is enacted, the Secret Service ends up spending $139,200. That’s about $35,200 for each additional year.  

The parking costs for each visit is uncertain as the amount of travel President Trump plans to do to New York is not yet defined. “While the president has only visited New York once since taking office in January, his visits may increase down the line for a variety of reasons. For example, he’ll be in New York this month for the U.N. General Assembly.”  

Of course, with anything involving tax payer’s dollars there are some critics of the plan. “Trump’s made one trip to New York during his presidency, and U.S. taxpayers are already on the hook for nearly $140,000 in parking?” American Bridge Spokesman Brad Bainum said. “This is just the latest example of Trump wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars on himself, when he should be focused on coming up with a jobs plan and an infrastructure bill.” Many of the negative comments seem to be coming from a place a political bias. Considering a parking spot in SoHo sold for $1,000,000.00 last year, the Secret Service received quite a deal on parking.  

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