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Real Estate: The Good Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Aside from promising returns, real estate investment offers a wide range of benefits such as growth leverage, tax benefits and higher stability than other investments. Mike Shustek presents “Real Estate: The Good Investment” to walk through some of the pros and cons of real estate investment in the U.S. market. This infographic will give you […]

The Benefit of a Broker

When I first opened Vestin Group I remember how often I heard radio commercials targeted at small business owners, offering to handle services for their company that might otherwise swallow up their time and resources. By simply transferring many of the non-revenue responsibilities of employee management to these third-party companies, businesses better control costs and […]

Invest Smart

There’s an old story that makes me chuckle each time I tell it: Once there were two men who formed a partnership. They built a small shed beside a busy road. They obtained a truck and drove it to a farmer’s field, where they purchased a truckload of melons for a dollar a melon. They […]